Our Respected Trade Partners And Valuable Colleagues.

The basis of the food pyramid is cereal and vegetables and fruits on top, followed by dairy and meat products, and finally fats and sugars. In short, grain is the basis of this food pyramid and is among the most consumed product group in the world. With the rapid increase of the world population, demand is increasing day by day and more production is needed. According to the Food Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) statement, one out of every 9 people has a hunger problem. However, in another important issue, it is now a very serious problem in the increase in food insecurity as well as hunger. Approximately 2 billion people, 26.4% of the world population, face food insecurity.

We Focus On Food Safety And Quality With Our Position İn The Food Supply Chain.

Our company, which attaches great importance to corporate governance and takes into account the importance of institutionalization in world trade, is an effective in the field of supply, production, storage and trade in the Middle East and North Africa region (mena) with an honest visionary and hardworking perspective. has become an establishment.

– Optional and our understanding of excellence,

– Our effective risk management,

– Unconditional customer satisfaction

– Having expert and dynamic human resources.

In order to increase our company’s export in the competitive world market, it has taken great strides towards becoming a company with a constantly rising trend in its region. Maintaining its supply chain in the field of cereals and nuts, our company has become a reliable supplier with its wide product range.

To be a reliable company that provides the flow of supplier and consumer with the right place and time of agricultural products, the right logistics strategy, fast operational service, and the main source of life since the beginning of civilizations. Our main goal is to provide a sustainable supply chain by providing the products and services that our customers need with our expert team.

Your Equal And Air Sharing Will Make Us; We Believe That It Will Grow Our Suppliers And Customers, Which Are Our Business Partners.

Continuous improvement of quality in all areas, guided by the needs and expectations of our customers

The main responsibility of ELİT AGRO FOOD INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC.

We take this responsibility;


– With every individual

– With our customers

– With our business partners

We share it together.

While fulfilling this responsibility,

– We will meet the needs and expectations of our customers,

– We will invest in people for quality conscious individuals who are conscious of quality,

– We will be leading our business partners in a modern, dynamic and innovative structure,

– We will fully meet the laws and regulations,

– We will continuously improve the performance of our quality management system.

We are committed.


As a corporate firm, the support of our employees with our family spirit is our biggest gain.

I would like to thank all our business partners, our valuable company employees, our suppliers, who offer their support in the quality and supply chain, and every institution and individuals who do not withhold their support on this path.